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Brown Paper Bag 40oz Malt Liquor and Beer Koozie - Now Available!

Brown Paper Bag 40 oz Koozie

Brown Paper Bag 40oz Malt Liquor and Beer Koozie

In an all out effort to make pimpin easier for the masses, Prime Pimpin has decided to expand our product offerings. In addition to Pimp Cups, Awesome Shirts, Iced Out Watches, and Super Dope Belt Buckles, we will now be selling "Pimp Stuff" on PrimePimpin.com.

We are proud to announce that the first item to be awesome enough to make it into Pimp Stuff is a 40oz Beer Koozie that is designed to look like a brown paper bag. Yes, it is a brown paper bag 40oz Koozie!

It snugly fits your favorite beer or malt liquor 40oz bottle and has an easy grip strap with a zipper top. We prefer the Mickey's, but you can use it for whatever brand you choose.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy this Prime Pimpin 40oz Beer Koozie today!




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