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Does a 40oz Koozie Keep a 40oz Beverage Cold? Part 2

40oz Koozie Experiment Data Collected

Does a 40oz Koozie Keep a 40oz Beverage Cold - Scientific Analysis

If you missed it, the first part of this story is at Part 1 - A Story About a 40

Unfortunately, my fancy $10 thermometers turned off before they were supposed to auto-turn-off. I was pissed but I was not going to start over, so I turned them back on and continued.  Enough data was captured for analysis anyway.

The first graph shows the data collected:

My amazing Excel skills show that the 40 oz Koozie provides a colder temperature throughout the experiment. The experiment lasted over 4 hours, which should be enough time to drink four 40s.

The second graph shows the first 67 minutes of a 40 with a Koozie (‘Koozie 1’) and a 40 without a Koozie (‘No Koozie 2’):

Over the first 67 minutes, there is a very strong ‘linear trend’ (thanks Wikipedia) in both sets of data.  The Koozieless 40 got warmer faster.  The 40oz Koozie provides almost an additional 30 minutes of below 45°F drinking time compared to the 40oz without a Koozie! I could have slowed down enough to not pass out!

The third graph shows the normalized (accounts for the start temperature difference of 0.5°F) difference between a 40oz with a Koozie (‘Koozie 1’) and a 40oz without a Koozie (‘No Koozie 2’):

The temperature difference increases to 2°F after 18 minutes, 3°F after 30 minutes, 4°F after 45 minutes, then 4.7°F after an hour.  The differential begins to decrease as the liquid temperature approaches room temperature.  

Almost 5°F might not sound like much, but imagine if your body temperature became that much warmer, you would have to go to a damn hospital.

I decided that I will be using Koozies when I drink my 40s.  It looks awesome and keeps it colder when your ‘friend’ does not have room in their refrigerator.

This test did not satisfy my 40oz Koozie curiosity. Yeah, it showed that my 40s would have been better off if they had Koozies on while sitting out and I would have had more time to enjoy their cold, refreshing taste (not good when warm though).  But what if the 40oz is being held while inside at room temperature, maybe while playing Edward 40 HandsWhat if the 40oz is outside on a hot day? What if it is being held while outside on a hot day?

If other people are also curious, I might do some more experiments.

Leave a comment below if you think I should do more