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"I've got a 40oz Koozie" - A Rap by Prime Pimpin

40 oz Koozie

40 oz Koozie

If a 12 ounce beer is just too small,
And you can slam a tallboy on the way to the mall,

You'll drink a tre duece if it's an early night,
But a 40oz beer will really set you right,

You've got to love the Mickey's and OE if it's cold,
The taste of Malt Liquor so smooth and bold,

But drink it up fast so it don't get warm,
Cause a little bit of waste is just poor form,

But now I've got a little secret to tell,
It's about a new item that Prime Pimpin does sell,

It's a 40 ounce koozie and it really is neat,
It keeps your 40 cold by blockin all the heat,

It's got a nice zipper that makes it snug,
And a fancy handle so it's easy to chug,

I've got one myself and it's easy to brag,
Because this 40 oz koozie looks like a brown paper bag.


For only $9.99 you can own this 40 oz Beer Koozie yourself!


Keeping 40's Cold Since 2010