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Top 10 Most Original and Unique Theme Party Ideas

Most Original Theme Party Ideas

Top 10 Most Original and Unique Theme Party Ideas

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The idea of a theme party can send eyes rolling skyward, but who doesn’t secretly start planning what they would wear and what they would bring when the subject comes up. We’ve all seen the decades come and go while togas have been so done. So grab you Pimp Cup and a shot glass then talk a walk on the wild side as you mingle through these theme parties.

Amazons and Gladiators

Let’s face it Amazons and Gladiators are sexy as hell. Have the girls dress as Amazons and the guys dress as Gladiators then deck out your party space like an arena. If you’re really brave and have good insurance set up some competitions and see who wins. Amazons? Gladiators? Who knows, but won’t it be fun finding out?

Bonus points for the person who shows up with the coolest fake weapon.

Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers may be tried and true but an adult twist can be added. Have your guest show up as one or the other. Stage a “crime” and see who gets arrested.

Bonus points for the best set of handcuffs.

Walk of Shame

Have you ever stumbled back home looking like you had a great time but couldn’t remember where and doing what? Do you remember how trashed you looked? Then you have experienced the "walk of shame." Take that lack of fond memories and turn them into something to remember. Have your friends dress how they would look after a lost and wild night. Guys can dress in sweatpants and tanks while the girls sport men’s button down short and boxers.

Bonus points to the one who has their memory triggered by the re-enactment.

Tarzan and Jane

Decorate your party space with vines and fake foliage; give it a real jungle feel. Tell your guests to dress as either Tarzan or Jane.  For a really wild party have some dress as jungle beasts and have a frolicking good time.

Bonus points for the one who resembles Cheetah the most.

No Service

Most places require shirt and shoes in order to get service. Reverse that policy and require everyone to give up their shirts and shoes at the door. Yes, that goes for guys and girls both. The girl can keep their bras or bikini tops, but the shirts have to go. People who choose to keep their shirts and shoes will find themselves having a very dry night and that’s just no fun.

Bonus points for the ones that remember to get their shoes before going home.

Now, go, party, enjoy!