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Top 5 Reasons why a 40 oz Koozie is the Best Gift Ever

40 oz Koozie

To koozie or not to koozie, that is the question

But it shouldn't be. If you or anybody you know drinks 40's, a 40 oz koozie is a must have. Need a good reason to buy one? Pick one below:

5 - On a hot summer day will keep your 40 oz beverage nice and cold.
4 - They don't make 12 oz cans of OE.
3 - It's got a handle. Have you ever tried to carry seven 40's into a party at once? Well, now you can and after you pass them out to 6 happy friends, strap your hand in and chug away.
2 - It has been scientifically proven to keep your 40oz 5 degrees colder than a 40oz without a 40 koozie.
1 - It's designed to look like a brown paper bad. Yep, the "boot".

Bonus Reason...It's freakin awesome. Who isn't jealous of somebody that owns a 40 oz koozie.

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